Owning a pet has its physical and emotional health benefits. After a hard day, nothing can equate to the unconditional love you get from a sweet pet.

In fact, studies have shown that pets can reduce both anxiety and blood pressure, and perhaps, even boost your immune system. What’s more, they can improve your chances of meeting fellow animal lovers, as it can be tough to find them serendipitously. Caring for an animal can also help your children grow up more secure and active. 

While you may feel like just another number in the big, wide world, to your pet – you ARE their world. And SmartPetPoint.com is where you can find all advice on how to live happier, healthier with your precious fur family.

About Us

After years of having dogs, cats, mice, and parrots, my wife and I decided to start this blog to talk about the things we’ve learned and get even more inspiration from other passionate online pet lovers.

From basic ways to reduce food guarding to keeping your dog busy indoors, we share stories about our herd, DIY projects, reviews, and training tips & tricks we’ve learned over the years.