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Why Won’t My Cat Shut Up? Detailed View

Is your cat meowing a lot? If yes, just know that your furry friend meow is her way of communicating with you and other people. She may be trying to say hello, to ask for something, or to even tell you that something isn’t right. Perhaps, she’s just an attention junkie. 

However, meowing can be interesting to observe because adult cats do not meow at each other. While baby cats meow to let their mother know that they are cold, hungry or something is up. Meowing is cats’ only way of letting us in about something. Your constantly meowing little pets may be trying to get your attention. But this can be frustrating when it seems like she won’t stop.

You might have asked yourself this question, “how do I get my cat to stop meowing?” Well, meowing isn’t the only sound cats make. Your car might be yowling. Adult cats yowl at each other, especially during breeding season when they want a partner. 

Yes, you should know cats’ meowing and yowling sound a lot alike. However, if you are looking for the answer to the “why won’t my cat shut up?” question then you are at the right place.

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When Does Your Cat’s Meowing Become Excessive? 

This is a difficult call to make. It largely depends on individuals and emotions. Your cat’s meowing night not be excessive to me but can be to you. Cats will always meow; it’s how they communicate.

However, some cats meow a lot more than others. It is important that you know some cat breeds meow a lot, naturally. For example, Siamese cats are known for excessive yowling and meowing.

Excessive meowing can be beautiful to hear but at the same time, it can be horrific. In whatever case, remember that your cat is trying to tell you something, simply craving for some of your attention, or trying to alert you to a health issue. If you are a member of the “why is my cat vocalizing a lot?” family, the following could be why our little pet won’t shut up.

Why is My Cat Vocalizing So Much?

These are the various reasons why your car might be meowing a lot. They include: 

1. She is trying to greet people

Your cat meowing is how she knows to greet you when you come home. It could also be that there is someone else she is trying to greet. She is also likely meowing because she’s by the window and as people pass, she meows at them as a form of greeting. Such a nice lady.  

2. Your cat is craving for your attention

Cats enjoy socialization a lot and some breeds can be quite vocal in letting you know that they are craving your attention. After being left alone for a long time, your cat might want to be stroked, played with, or even talked to. Since she can’t talk to you. She meows to draw your attention to her gorgeous self. Generally, cats left alone for longer periods will meow for a longer period. 

3. Your cat is asking for food

Some cats like to eat a lot and they can be assertive at mealtimes. Others will meow to let anyone in the kitchen offer them food 

Cats also learn to meow early in the morning so they can wake you up to serve them breakfast. However, some build bad habits of using continuous meowing to beg for human food when you or someone else is eating. 

4. Your cat is asking to be let out or in

Meowing is the only way cats express themselves. So, if your cat wants to go out, she’ll meow at the door. If she wants to come in, she’ll also meow at the door. Meowing at the door is a call sign for help. Your cat is simply saying “Open sesame” If you just adopted a cat that had lived outside for so long, she’ll continually want to go outside. So, you could witness incessant meowing for a long time.

5. Your cat might be having mental health issues

Most cats suffering from mental health problems, such as confusion and cognitive disorders, tend to meow a lot. 

6. Your car is looking for a mate

Adult cats, who are of the mating age, tend to yowl which may sound a lot like meowing to you. Sexually active females use this to announce their receptivity to prospective males and in the same way, males yowl to gain “access” to these females. If your cat is locked indoors and cannot gain access to a male cat during the breeding season, she’ll continue to yowl for a long time.

How do I get my cat to stop meowing?
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How Do I Get My Cat to Stop Meowing?

Incessant meowing from cats is exasperating and you’ll want to shut her up permanently, especially during the wee hours. You can get your cat to stop incessant meowing through the following ways:

1. Taking your cat to the Veterinarian.

It is best that your Veterinarian checks your cat thoroughly to ascertain why your cat might be meowing incessantly. The main aim is to understand if the issue is not from a medical condition. Some diseases can also make your cat be always hungry and thirsty, therefore yearn for food continuously. This might make your cat meow all the time.

Older cats are more prone to kidney and thyroid diseases, which will make them meow a lot too.

2. Helping Your Cat Be Less Vocal.

Besides taking your cat to the Veterinarian, you can also help your cat to stop meowing a lot.

Simply look at the circumstances that are surrounding your cat’s frequent meowing, taking records of what seems to make her stop. You should try and identify patterns of the incessant meowing behavior. When you have identified the sticking points that kick-start her meowing you could try the following to curb the behavior.

  • Does it look like your cat is meowing to say hello? If so, it is unlikely that you can do anything to stop it. You should welcome this by stroking her – your cat is just happy to see you. Stroke her and she’ll stop. 
  • Are you also in the “I adopted a cat and it won’t stop meowing” group? Does your cat continuously meow at doors and windows and want to go out? If so, there is no easy way around this. It is good for your cat to stay indoors to stay safe from diseases and dangers. Well, to curb this problem you will have to endure the meowing for a long time. Your cat will eventually adjust to staying indoors. 

However, you can also construct an indoor cat enclosure so your cat can stay indoors and still feel safe.

  • Is your car not adding weight at all? And is always hungry as well. You can consider leaving dry food for her around the house so she could always have something to eat. You can also consider high-fiber food and supplements for her. This will keep her filled even with little food intake. High-fiber combined with supplements can also help her gain some weight. However, talk to your veterinarian before you try out this option.
  • Does it look like your little cat friend is meowing to get your attention? You will have to go back to cat-training 101. Teach your cat that she’ll only get your attention when she’s quiet.

Patiently wait for a moment when she is quiet and then give her the attention she is asking for. However, if your cat starts the ill-mannered continuous meowing, walk away and only give attention to her when she is quiet. When your cat is meowing for attention, teach her that you’ll only pay attention to her when she’s quiet. 

This training is a process and may take time but after some time, your cat will catch on.

  • Does it look like your cat is meowing a lot because she is spending a lot of time alone? Well, you can hire a pet sitter to help her overcome this loneliness.
  • Does it look like your cat is meowing a lot because of food? there is one way out of this. You have to stop feeding her when she meows. Cat-training 101 says you should only feed her at the prescribed times. 
  • Have you currently placed your cat on diet? Maybe because of health issues. Consult your Veterinarian to let you know of high-fiber diet supplements and foods that will keep your cat satiated despite the reduced food intake. 
  • Do your female cat meow a lot? If so, it might be because she is not yet spayed and she will meow incessantly especially during the breeding season. Also, cats that stay indoors may spend the whole year looking for a mating partner and will keep meowing incessantly. The best way to resolve this is to have your female cat spayed. 
  • In the same way with female adult cats, your male cat will meow a lot during the mating season when he is in search of a mating partner. He will continuously meow until he gets a partner. The best solution to this is to have him neutered.

That said, there are things you don’t want to do to stop your loud-mouth cat.

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Things You Shouldn’t Do 

1. Never ignore your cat.

Do not ignore your cat when she meows to be certain that your cat is safe when she meows. It is safe to say that in some cases, your cat may be locked in a cupboard or closet, or her water bowl may be empty. So, you should try to know why exactly she’s meowing if you must ignore her. Ascertain that her basic needs are met before assuming that she is meowing incessantly for attention. In the case of your cat seeking attention through continuous meowing, it is advised that you ignore your cat and use the training tactics as said earlier.

2. Do not hit your cat.

You should not hit or shout at your cat for meowing incessantly. Doing these might get her to become afraid of you and won’t even resolve the meowing problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are also some specific questions and situations that people ask concerning their cats meowing a lot. They include the following; 

1. Why won’t my cat shut up at night? 

Cats are usually active in the evening and later in the night. This is because cats are crepuscular animals. Crepuscular animals are most active in the evening and night. They sleep during the day and most of their prey are diurnal or nocturnal and generations of evolution have made cats able to hurt them effectively at the night.

Housecats also follow their pattern of life and they probably meow at night during their night activities.

So, don’t be surprised if your cat won’t shut up at night, because her nocturnal nature is clashing with your diurnal nature.

2. What can be done about cat meowing at night?

The vet will give you advice on things that may help with reducing the instances of your cat’s night meowing. However, things like keeping your cat more active during the day and feeding her later in the evening to keep her satiated at night may have a positive impact.

3. My cat is in heat and won’t shut up.

During the mating season, your cat might be in heat and therefore develop changes in behavior and mood swings. And your cat, male or female, will continuously meow to tell a mating partner of their readiness to mate.

When your cat is indoors, you will have incessantly meowing happening both in the day and night. The best way to solve this problem is to spay or neuter your cat. Alternatively, you can wait out the mating season.

my male cat is in heat and won't shut up
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Final Note

Remember that meowing is the primary way your cat communicates with you. It is important that you understand this and never always see your cat meowing as being excessive.

Try to ascertain why your cat is meowing excessively. Also, try and follow the ways listed above to understand what might have caused this new development. Whatever path or action you choose to do, visit your Veterinarian to check your cat for diseases, like asthma, that might prompt incessant meowing. Earlier detection would help your cat.

Nonetheless, your cat might just be trying to say ‘hi’. Stroke her.

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