why does my dog sleep under my bed

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?


I can understand how it feels to wake up to the sound of breathing from beneath your bed. You hear movement beneath your bed as you begin to wake up from your sleep. You’re unsure what it is, from the shuffling to the breathing. Wait! Could that be your dog? It is, without a doubt, your dog. So, what causes this? Why does your dog seek refuge beneath your bed?

There are several reasons for this type of conduct. While some dogs sleep beneath the bed regularly, others only do so on occasion. Is this a sign of strange behavior? No, no, no, no! Dogs have an instinct to lie under the bed, and they act on it. The only cause for concern should be if they are sick, or if they’ve just eaten green peppers or something strange, but if there’s nothing of such, then it’s entirely normal.

In this guide, we’ll look into:

  • Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?
  • How To Get My Dog To Stop Sleeping Under My Bed?
  • Why Does My Dog Hide Under The Bed at Night?
  • What To Do About Your Dog Hiding Under The Bed At Night
  • Why Do Dogs Like To Go Under the Bed?

Let’s look at some of the reasons your dog might be sleeping under your bed.

Should I let my dog sleep under my bed?
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Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?

The following are some of the most typical reasons why your dog sleeps beneath your bed, as well as what could encourage them to do so.

1. Comfort

Dogs are known to sleep underneath the bed. It’s possible that your dog has been doing it since it’s more comfortable there because it’s cooler and darker, which helps it sleep better. This is more likely if your dog shows no signs of being worried or scared around the house and otherwise acts normally.

2. It does not want disturbance

It’s also possible that it’s doing it because it doesn’t want to be disturbed. If it goes there to sleep after receiving exercise or being fed, this is more likely. If it naps under your bed during the day, it could be a clue that it is having trouble falling asleep at night. It would be beneficial if the environment it rests in at night was cold, not too light, quiet, and had enough room for it to lay down.

3. It feels safer under your bed

It could be because it seems more secure there. It will be able to shield itself from any danger above and behind it by sleeping under the bed. This may also give your dog a leg up in terms of spotting any approaching threats. This could be the reason your dog does it, even though it has no cause to be afraid. If it tends to have a more subservient nature, this is more likely to be the case.

4. Feeling threatened

It’s also possible that it’s feeling threatened. This is especially likely if it does it more often when a specific person or animal is present, or when you are angry with it. Instead of penalizing it, it would be beneficial to communicate with it calmly and utilize positive reinforcement training to improve its behavior.

5. Fear

It’s possible that anything has caused it to feel afraid, which is why it’s been doing it. This is more likely if it only does it when something specific happens, such as thunder or loud noises outside.

6. There’s no alternative spot

It might be that there is no other place in the house where your dog feels at ease to rest. You’ve tried crate training your dog, but she just won’t go inside the crate and stop going under your bed.

Place your dog’s favorite toys and blankets inside the crate to make it a more inviting resting location. You can also put the crate next to the bed and use positive reinforcement and positive association to gradually make the crate the primary resting space.

Let’s look at how we can stop such behavior in your dog now that we’ve seen some of the reasons.

How To Get My Dog To Stop Sleeping Under My Bed

Here are some options for dealing with your dog sleeping under your bed.

1. Train it to sleep or lay somewhere else

It could be beneficial to employ positive reinforcement training to train it to sleep somewhere else. This is where you train it to act in a specific way by rewarding it when it exhibits such behaviors.

You may utilize it to get it to lay or sleep in a specific area by doing something like this:

  • Make the location, which you want your dog to sleep in, as pleasant as possible.
  • Get your dog to stand still and give it a treat.
  • Give your dog a reward to encourage it to lay down.
  • Repeat the practice a few times a day until it discovers that lying down results in it receiving rewards.

2. Calmly interact with your dog

It would also be beneficial to engage with it gently and utilize positive reinforcement training to get it to behave the way you want it to. If you employ punishment to persuade it to behave in a certain way, it will most likely hide under the bed as a result.

3. Give it a befitting resting place

If it doesn’t have another place to sleep right now, giving it access to one would be beneficial. One alternative is to acquire a crate for it and cover it with a cover so that it may go to its box whenever it wants and feel safe.

4. Minimize reasons why it might be fearful

It’s also possible that something has been causing it to be scared, as described in one of the previous causes. If at all possible, attempt to reduce the reasons for its fear, such as allowing it to stay in a calmer room.

5. Ensure you do not encourage the behavior

It’s possible that you’ve been encouraging so to do it by rewarding it when it completes the task. Instead, rewarding it for sleeping where you want it to sleep, training it to sleep where you want it to sleep, and attempting to redirect it to sleep someplace else before it starts sleeping under the bed might be beneficial.

6. Try to get help

If you can’t convince your dog to stop sleeping beneath the bed or if it does it all the time, a dog behaviorist can help. You should be able to figure out what’s causing your dog to do it and what you can do to help it to stop if you do so.

Do dogs like sleeping with their owners?
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Why Does My Dog Hide Under The Bed at Night?

You may be wondering why your dog has started hiding under the bed at night and what you can do about it. A difficulty with the room your dog sleeps in, fear, someone mistreating it, injury or illness, despair, still being young, or unwittingly promoting the behavior are all possible reasons why your dog has been hiding beneath the bed at night.

The various alternative causes are listed below, along with what makes them more likely to be the major cause.

1. Fearfulness

It’s possible that your dog has become afraid as a result of something. This is especially likely if it occurs more frequently at specific times, such as when there are fireworks, sirens, or construction activities going on outside.

In this scenario, it might be beneficial to undergo desensitization training or remove the thing that is causing it to become scared.

2. Someone mistreating it

Someone may have mistreated it, which could be the cause. If you recently acquired it from a shelter, this is more likely. In this situation, you’ll likely start doing it less as it gets more at ease with you and your new surroundings.

However, paying a lot of attention, exercising it, and playing with it might be beneficial. If it doesn’t improve after a few weeks, you should seek treatment from a veterinarian or a dog behaviorist.

It’s also possible if it’s been abused recently. This is more likely if it began hiding unexpectedly and just when a specific individual is present.

3. A problem with the room it sleeps in

It’s also possible that there’s a problem with the room it sleeps in. It could be that the environment is too noisy, too light, or that something else in the room is making it afraid. This is more likely if it can sleep in different places and does not conceal as much.

4. Separation anxiety

It could also be that it suffers from separation anxiety. This is more likely if it begins to show signs of anxiety as you leave to go to bed at night, and if it does not hide when it has the opportunity to sleep where you sleep.

5. Depression at night

Dogs are supposed to be active at night, but if they are depressed, they may seek refuge under your bed. An owner’s absence, mistreatment, or the death of another friendly pet are all possible causes of depression.

It might become better after a few weeks in this situation. However, you may assist your dog by providing positive attention in the form of training, exercise, and playtime. If the problem persists after a few weeks, seek the advice of a veterinarian or a dog behaviorist.

What To Do About Your Dog Hiding Under The Bed At Night

When it comes to training your dog to stop hiding at night, there are several choices available to you. They include:

1. Be calm around it

It’s best to be calm when interacting with your dog because they might be quite sensitive to their owners’ emotions. If you get upset or violent in front of your dog, it will usually react in kind.

2. Avoid encouraging the behavior

As previously said, it is possible that it has learned to hide as a result of the behavior being rewarded. Instead, try rewarding it when it doesn’t hide, redirecting its focus when it’s going to hide, and teaching it to come to you when you ask.

3. Avoid punishing it

If you penalize your dog for hiding, it will most likely repeat the habit, making it scared of you. Instead, positive reinforcement training should be used to get it to behave the way you want it to.

4. Give it exercise and play with it

It would also assist to ensure that it gets the regular amount of activity advised for its age and breed if your dog is in a healthy state. As a result, it should be easier to get to sleep.

5. Ensure that its sleeping environment is comfortable for it

It would also assist in ensuring that the room it sleeps in is conducive to its comfort. The environment should be dimly lit, chilly, and quiet.

6. Reduce reasons why it might anxious

It might also be beneficial to restrict the causes of anxiety at night. Allowing it to urinate right before bed, providing it with enough exercise during the day, and not making it wait too long between meals are all things you could do.

7. Get help from a vet or dog behaviorist

Taking it to the vet if it has been displaying signs of injury or disease is the best option. If your dog is healthy but has been hiding for more than a few weeks, you should seek treatment from a canine behaviorist. You should be able to acquire expert advice targeted to your specific dog and learn what you should do to encourage your dog to stop doing it if you do so.

why does my dog sleep under my bed
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Why Do Dogs Like To Go Under the Bed?

Some dogs prefer to lie on their owners’ feet, while others prefer to sleep on the edge of the bed or under a mattress. But what is it about this location that makes it so appealing? This area serves as a hideaway or den for dogs, making them more comfortable than if they were out in the open. When your dog sleeps under the bed, he or she creates a calmer and quieter environment free of light and cold.


Dogs are extremely sensitive creatures who desire affection and comfort. It is your responsibility as their owner to always look after them and their requirements. Keep a close eye on your dog’s behavior and take action if you notice anything weird. Allow your dog to sleep under your bed if he or she likes it. Make sure they’re not doing it to avoid something outside and that they’re in good health.

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